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    Hi guys. I've been reading all threads very carefully, and still confused witch kit should I get, copy chrome or real chrome. I realize this been discussed millions of times, but I hope somebody will give me the right direction.
    I want to be able to plate some of the exterior plastic parts on the vehicles. and I'm not sure if copy chrome will do the job just fine or because of the exterior parts, real chrome is the way to go. I want it to last. I've been using some company to do it for me, but it was a nightmare for me, they are not dependable, charge outrageous, and then one day I said enough, and thank god I found Caswell web site. and I'm ready to make a purchase, but I want to make sure that I buy the right kit.copy chrome or real chrome?what ever I do or sell ( mostly to car dealers) have to warranty for 2 years
    thanks in advance

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    Re: advise needed

    Either kit will provide a lasting finish if the items are processed correctly. The advantage to copy chrome is that it requires less amperage per square inch than chrome. The chrome kit will give you the chemicals necessary to plate onto plastics except for the conductive paint. Once the part is painted it needs to be immersed in the acid copper for at least 15 minutes before plating with either nickel (then chrome) or copy chrome.
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      Re: advise needed

      Craig, Thanks for the post. How do you know what size kit to buy. Is there any good advise for building tanks? I want to plate some long skinny parts.
      Why only 15 minutes in the copper. I thought you needed to plate heavy enough with copper to metal finish the copper before plating with nickle or chrome?