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  • Need help

    Now I have tried out my first plating. Flash copper went well, but after
    I did the copy chrome, it became a strange mark in the middle of my engine cover. What have I done wrong?
    I have attach a picture.

    Best regards from norway
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    Re: Need help


    Wow, that is weird, but kind of cool looking at the same time.

    Were you plating on aluminum, steel or pot metal? Looks as if there may be some particulate contamination in the bath or a piece of foreign matter lodged in the actual work piece. Zinc will sometimes leave a black, smoky residue similar to this one.

    Have you tried to buff it out? It may re-plate better after buffing, cleaning and activation.

    Keep us posted on the outcome of this one.
    Curtis Ashcroft
    M and C's Plating & Powder Services


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      Re: Need help

      Is it possible the anode and the cathode touched when plating?


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        Re: Need help

        did you figure anything out?


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          Re: Need help

          I think he had the stream from the agitator pump pointing directly at the part.
          Lance Caswell
          Caswell Inc

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