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  • copy chrome help needed

    I have a 4.5 copy chrome kit doing a mostley aluminum. The first few came out good but now having problems with rough plate on some areas. looks like the surface creaters of the moon to frost on a window in the winter Tried every thing,from higheer temp to lower amps and double etching and zinkateing. Most of the time I have a dark haze on when I pull I out of the bath, buffs off ok, . I am not flash copper plating first and was wondering if I did flash copper plate first would that relieve those problems. My steel and copper things are fine. Please help any one !!!!!!

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    Re: copy chrome help needed


    I just replied to your e-mail message.

    From my experience, I always prefer to Flash Copper Aluminum parts prior to Copy Chrome. I think that it gives it a better overall finish and allows the Copy Chrome to adhere better.

    I have plated directly onto aluminum without copper and it just didn't look right as far as the depth of the shine and smoothness of the final plate.

    Feel free to e-mail me back with specific questions and procedures.
    Curtis Ashcroft
    M and C's Plating & Powder Services


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      Re: copy chrome help needed

      Hi guys, am new here, but had exactly the same problems on almost any underlying metal type. After much playing around I came to the same conclusions as Curtis. Flash copper (then lightly polished without going through) prior to CC which gives a better finish straight out of the Tank. A second apparent advantage to the flash copper is the CC seems to throw further onto the copper in tight spots. However still had some issues with the areas of grey haze which also polished out fine. Tried everything and finally got a PH meter and checked my CC mix. It was at a PH of 6! Added a small amount of acid slowly until the PH was at around 3.5 and hey presto nice bright flawless CC. May be worth a check if you havn't already.