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Small "burrs" Can Be Seen In Chrome Finish

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  • Small "burrs" Can Be Seen In Chrome Finish

    Just CC plated my clutch and front brake lever of my Harley ( aluminum) job turned out pretty good however when I finished plating and was buffing off some hazing and a few small burrs are noticable, buffing wheel material was
    catching them.
    I used Zincate treatment for the first time , these are my first aluminum parts
    is this "gassing" from too much current? what causes it and how do I avoid it in the future?
    Next question I am pleased enough with results and can install the levers without being embarased of overall quality of job . However If I sand these few burrs off can I replate with CC without stripping all the CC off?

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    Re: Small "burrs" Can Be Seen In Chrome Finish

    Ok I can answer one of my own questions, The burrs can be removed by wet sanding with 600/1000 grit and rebuffing- looks perfect now just as smoth as glass and mirror clear