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    I am looking for simular answers as Welder. I am brand spanking new to this and want to do some motorcycle stuff in order to save money on my personal bikes during some restorations. There are some things you can't buy already chromed and can't hardly afford to send out. I would like to do some small things such as brake calipers, side covers, fork tubes, foot pegs, speedometer housings and nuts & bolts. I want something durable but something that looks like real chrome. I am limited to one room in my house so I have to consider fumes & waste disposal. There are no kids or animals around so I don't have to worry about that. I really don't want to use a power source but I would be willing to if it would make a difference in quality & durability. Thank GOD & my dad I am mechanically inclined, so I could construct a power source & reostat. It seems I have all the time in the world as I am retired and looking for something to take up my time. I am considering the Copy Chrome Kit or the Colbalt Plating Kit. Which would have better results, the Copy Chrome Kit or the Colbalt Plating Kit ? (Which is better means durability and appearence) Initial set-up cost is not really a factor. The area I would be working in is about 20' by 20' and would be dedicated to this hobby. Any info. would be greatly apperciated (?) by Welder & I.

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    Re: Help me decide what's best

    Both kits give the same end results. The parts you are doing dictate which kit would be best.

    Handfuls of nuts and bolts are plated more easily with an electroless system - no need to wire up each nut and bolt.

    Larger parts are plated more easily, and cheaply, with an electroplating system.

    Sounds like you'd be best off with the Copy Chrome Kit, and a mini electroless cobalt kit for your nuts and bolts (if you have a lot)
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      Re: Help me decide what's best

      I believe I read somewhere that If I go ahead and get the plating manual,when I order a kit I can tell them I already have the manual and I can skip buying it again with the kit and will be compensated the $22.00. I would like to investigate it further and feel this is the best way to do it. I am going to do something because I can't send out the stuff I need plated the charges & freight would eat me up. Another question or two. How durable is this plating ? Way stronger than paint ? If a small piece is dropped say 3 ft. will it devestate the plating or would it be like regular chrome and take a hit without chipping ? It would be stronger if you let the surface build up longer, correct ? If you bolted on a small piece and torqued the bolts to say 20 ft#'s would the plating stay intact ? If you loosened the bolt & removed it, what would happen to the plating ? Do you have to super buff everything ? What kind of buffing tools would be needed ? How detailed is the plating manual ? I am about to order it now. Sorry , This is an unknown that I know NOTHING about. Thanks in advance.........

      Aw...Heck, I'm just going to go ahead and buy a kit and learn as I go........
      15 minutes later I have decided to go with the original thought and order the plating manual first, WO boy, slow down !!!
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