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    I just set up my flash copper/copy chrome kit(4 1/2) gallon. It said to add parts a b and c for the flash copper. My ph is less then half of what it is suppose to be. It sez in the manual to add more part c to raise it. The kit came with enought part c to mix up the kit but no extra. So now do I need to order more part c or is there any other thing I can add to raise the ph for the flash copper? Thanks Randy

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    Re: ph

    Did you use "distilled water"? If you used tap water to complete the fomula, that would lower the ph. Your only choice now is to purchase extra Part C. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have extra C on hand anyway.


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      Re: ph

      How are you checking the pH?

      We find that most people who are checking pH are using a faulty or badly calibrated meter.

      There should be no need to add more chemicals to a new bath (unless you used tap water). I would just plate a test piece and see what happens.
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        Re: ph

        I used distilled water only. I do have a ph meter. Who knows how close it is. I tried a couple of pot metal pieces and they turned out great! The meter shows the copper ph at 4 and the copy chrome is right on target! I think the manual sez around 8 ph for flash copper. But it seams to be working fine. When they came out of the copper one had a great shine and the other dull but buffed out great. This flash copper- copy chrome combo kit seams to be the thing I have been looking for. Very easy to use and the results are great.