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  • what i need to know......

    I own a powdercoating business and i'm looking into a copy-chrome kit. is there anything anyone can tell me to help prepare me for this large step? things i need to be aware of?

    I'm a complete NEWB when it comes to electroplating. thanks in advance for all your help

    owner - Gi_Shu_Som Powdercoating

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    Re: what i need to know......


    Make sure you get a decent power supply and decent hook up wires. Do not skimp on this. The power source is your most important tool in plating.

    Do not rush into plating a real piece until you have sorted out your process on various test pieces first. Get some copper pipe or sheet to cut up as test pieces.

    Make sure you get a good PH meter.

    Make a decent filter to regularly filter your solution. I do it at the end of each day for particulate matter build up and every month or two through a carbon/charcoal filter to keep ontop of peroxide build up and to keep my brightener at a known level.

    Find a reliable supplier of distilled or RO water and keep plenty on hand.

    For each plating process make up a same size tank as a rinse tank for that process.

    Once the tank is plating properly, keep a record of each piece you plate annotating how long it was plating in minutes and at what current it was plating. This allows you to replenish the brightener at the correct rate.

    Don't let yourself get frustrated if things go wrong.