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Power Supply Question

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  • Power Supply Question

    Would this power supply from ebay be enough to to plate up to 16" rims, MASTECH VARIABLE DC POWER SUPPLY 0-30 VOLTS @ 0-10 AMPS - eBay (item 140234470212 end time Jul-18-08 15:52:15 PDT)

    Its 0-30volts, 0-10amps. They have one that goes up to 50amps but its $500 and I got under $200 to spend on a PS. Maybe I'll try to find a used one.

    Copy Chrome is 32sq inches per amp correct?

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    Re: Power Supply Question

    Well I hope my parts won't exceed 84-86sq in because I bought a 0-30v @ 0-6amp Mastech power supply for 140 shipped, $60 bucks less than the 10 amp one. Hopefully this will be good enough for the three gal kit before I make any major investment.