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Selling Copy Chrome?

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  • Selling Copy Chrome?

    How would we market copy chrome to customers? benefits? havent found much on this site about it.

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    Re: Selling Copy Chrome?

    I have benn using Copy Chrome for over two years. I Sell it as a emvirotmentaly safer plating to true triple chrome. I have the wheel platring kit (about 35 gal.). I do all types of plating, I try to stay away from zinc die cast, but some plates well. You do not know until you try it. I do motorcycle, auto, boat,and commerical plating. The only thing about Copy Chrome is to Filter Filter Filter. Use a 10 micron filter all the time when plating. And Clean filter. Clean sludge from tank. If not I have had a Yellow tint to the plate after a few months. Use a good polish. And the finish is close to triple chrome. I plate parts to $200,000.00 Drag cars( a great customer) 4130 chrome molly is easy to work with. And a local commerical fab shop that I plate alot of parts for a goverment contract (A really great customer). Every one has been happy with the product. Todd, Cobalt Plating


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      Re: Selling Copy Chrome? thinking more along the line of...

      finish compared to regular chrome.
      price compared to a reguar commercial chrome.
      durability compared to regular chrome.