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how much can I chrome?

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  • how much can I chrome?

    the copy chrome kits come in a few sizes (1.5g ,3g ,4.5g ,15g) and the replenishing solution is 1.5 gallons for $105 anyone tell me approximately how many square inches I can plate per gallon or any ratio you are familiar with....this is important and I need help asap so I can choose a chroming method, im between this and triple chrome but dont know how much this will cost per sq. inch basically thanks a bunch

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    Re: how much can I chrome?

    There is no relation to the size of the kit and the amount you can plate, because the plating comes from the anodes. The solution will not need to be replenished.

    Each anode plates about 30 sq ft. Each kit comes with 2. The 15 gal kit comes with bigger anodes that will plate about 100 sq ft each.

    The only exception to this is the real chrome plating in the Triple Chrome kit. There the anodes are permanent and the solution depletes. However, you will get about 1000 sq ft of chrome for every gallon of solution, so in reality, I doubt you'll ever need to replenish that either.
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      Re: how much can I chrome?

      What would you recommend starting out chrome plating motorcycle parts ?

      Which kit
      triple chrome kit
      Copy Chrome kit
      I would like to chrome plate some not much but some plastic also
      As I am trying to determine which setup would be the correct setup for my preferences.