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  • pot metal or aluminum

    I'm having a problem distinquishing pot metal from aluminum to me the part I have looks like aluminum its from a japanese motorcycle.I put it in the Zincate and it started to react violently when I dipped it.Also did it when I put it in pickle #4 is it pot metal?.If it is what is the procedure for pot metal(sp degreaser-sandblast-pickle #4 and then flash copper?). I tried zincate then flash copper but I'm having a problem with lifting in certain spots(sandblast-zincate-flash copper) . Do you think I should zincate then strike coat with nickel then copper?.Thanks for any help.

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    Is it a primary case? It may be a magnesium alloy


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      To find out if it's pot metal, drop a drop of acid on it in an inconspicuous area. If it bubbles and reacts with the acid, it's pot metal. Aluminum won't react.

      You should stop putting these parts in all these different solutions until you find out what they're made of.

      To plate pot metal, degrease and plate with Flash Copper.

      To plate aluminum, zincate then plate.
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