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    Here are my first and second completed plating projects!

    These are Airsoft guns, not real guns. Basically they are BB guns that run off of compressed gas. They shoot 6mm plastic BBs at 300 feet per second and are used in a sport that is similar to paintball with more of an emphasis on military and tactical simulation.

    The slides for both guns are made of 6061 Aluminum. the lower frame of the Springfield is cast aluminum, while the SVI Infinity's frame is pot metal. All of the other small parts such as triggers, sights, safeties, etc are also Pot Metal..

    Pot metal parts were primed using the old pot metal primer kit. Everything was finish plated using the standard acidic electroless nickel kit.

    I've found that bath temperature is the key to successful pot metal plating. It will prime at lower temperatures, but the best adhesion is at 180 degrees F.

    High-res pics are here

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    Very nice - can we post them in our Customer Gallery?
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      By all means, you may do that.