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Question; mixing copy cad components

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  • Question; mixing copy cad components

    Hello all. I’m new here and am having an issue with my mixing of components for the Copy Cad / Zinc system. I’ve read the manual and searched this forum but cannot find an answer.

    I mixed my Part A crystals with my Part B solution with the appropriate amount of distilled water. They crystals fall to the bottom and do not go “in solution”. I’ve stirred, I’ve added heat (150F) and still no luck.

    Do the crystals go in solution or just sit in the bottom of the tank? If they go in solution, what is the trick?

    thank you in advance.

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    It will work just fine, what your seeing in the bottom is an anti caking agent to keep the Powders from caking up in to clumps when shipped in bulk.
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116