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Cad copy cast iron brake calipers?

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  • Cad copy cast iron brake calipers?

    Hello all, is cad copy recommended for freshly bead blated cast iron brake calipers? Looking to duplicate the yellow cad as when original. I was set to send out to a plating shop, but if this give the same results I'll give it a try. Thanks

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    I would advise you to clean at home. It would be much more effective and cheaper. It doesn't take long, about 20 minutes per cast iron caliper, at the service, you would have to give the car more than 2 days. Think about it, you can get it all done in a quick+cheap way and go right where you need to go. All you need is a simple soap and vinegar. How to clean wrought iron in just 6 steps, couldn't be easier. Rub the soap and vinegar well on the caliper, rinse with enough water and you're done. I would suggest you try aluminum calipers, they are lighter and not as prone to corrosion.
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