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Zinc or not?

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  • Zinc or not?

    I'm a newbie and a bit confused. I have a project ready to plate that includes some 1" x 36" x 1/8" 'plated steel'. I also have hinges and a hasp. I wanted to nickel plate them all. I read here that saturating distilled water with Sani-Flush is about a 20% mixture of muriatic acid. Whether it is or not I mixed it up and applied it to the 'plated steel'. No reaction occurred. Is it safe to place this into the solution for nickel plating or should I test it in yet another way? Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    Actually, the best way to find out if its steel is use a magnet.
    Zinc will show a reaction with just about any kind of acid, including vinager.
    Steel is safe to nickel plate after proper cleaning and activating.