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Holley Carb plating

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  • Holley Carb plating

    There are a lot of us out there trying to restore Holley carburetors to their original finish. I am using the Copy Cad kit. I am glass beading the fuel bowls and main body. I then plate with the zinc. It looks pretty good at this point (maybe a little shiny). When I dip into the yellow chromate solution, my parts look way to yellow and shiny. They look just like the steel parts that I have plated. I am wanting the flat "golden" color that these carbs were originally. Should I be using the olive drab dichromate solution? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you have too much brightener in the Copy Cad. It needs to plate dull.
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      Re: Holley Carb plating

      Mach, ive read that as soon as you put the yellow on imediately redip you carb. into a 5% with muratic acid and distilled water for about 10 secands and then redip into distilled water bath. Im getting ready to try it on a Rochester carb. stay tuned ill let you know how it comes out.