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    Have a question I have a 3.5 gallon copychrome tank I'm plating 10"sq.
    diecast car. I set my amps to .6 what do I set my volts at. Any help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks Frank

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    Hi Frank. I just crossed a major hurdle myself with this pot metal gig.

    First of all, you won't be able to plate the copy chrome directly onto the pot metal. Not happenin'.

    I hear there is a new kit specially for models such as you describe from Caswell, but I haven't been able to locate it on the website yet.

    You do however need to at least use their "pot metal primer" which is actually a special alkaline based electroless nickel strike to "seal" this goofy stuff, then it can be plated with acid copper, copy chrome, etc.

    A much better solution I've found is Caswell's "Flash Copper", which in my humble opinion is the best thing since sliced bread if you're doing pot metal.......period.

    It really eliminates some major issues here, in fact check out a post in this forum by "48 Buick" 25 NOV 2003 (12 posts below yours) which is a very well written example of a nearly fool proof procedure that I tried today, and it works PERFECTLY!

    I say "nearly" fool proof, because there are still other factors related to cleanliness that MUST be adhered to without exception, or the whole exercise is for naught.

    I hope this helps, I'm not by any means the "all knowing", but always happy to share any knowledge I gain with others. It can be a very frustrating way to spend your day if you leave out any steps, ESPECIALLY on pot metal.

    Later Gater.......