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Flash copper over pot metal

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  • Flash copper over pot metal

    Anyone tried this? I have had mixed results. I'm trying to re-finish some old bathroom fixtures which are pot metal die-castings. I purchased some "cheap-o" faucet handles from the local hardware store which were also pot metal die-castings and plated them with Flash Copper, then with Acid Copper, then Copy Chrome, and they came out perfect!

    These older parts however, are giving me fits.

    If I try to degrease or rinse with ANYTHING, (even distilled water) it turns the parts dark, or dull. Should I just shine them up with sand paper and then go directly to the Flash Copper after a quick rinse with distilled water?

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    Mike Caswell
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      Wow! what a differrence! It worked perfectly. Cudos to your whole team!

      Also thank you for this forum. This is a wonderful rescource. The procedure outlined by 48 Buick in this forum was also very helpful. I don't post that much, but I do refer to this section often.

      I'm starting to feel sort of like part of.....well, a "family" I guess.

      Thanks again!