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Plating Guitar Tremolo w/ Smoked Chrome (newbie)

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  • Plating Guitar Tremolo w/ Smoked Chrome (newbie)

    First time poster here, so forgive my naïve-ness. I've got a number of old Ibanez tremolos that are plated with what they call "Cozmo Black", which is a smoked chrome finish. Several of the pieces have heavy pitting in the finish. I visited with a local plating company here about refinishing them, and the cost was less than half of what it would have been to buy new pieces. Sounded good to me, but then the company promptly went out of business. Fortunately, I was able to get my parts back!

    Anyway, the guy I talked to said that these pieces were pot metal, and the pitting was a result of something in the pot metal reacting with the plating (that's what I remember - it was more technical coming out of his mouth...). So, after looking at this site and a number of the posts here, this looks like something that I might be able to do myself.

    Here's a pic of one of the base plates:

    The textured finish in the middle (where all the holes are) is normal. It's the pitting on the polished surfaces that's the problem.

    Just so I'm clear as to the process, what do you think I would need to do this? I've got a sandblasting cabinet I can use to strip the old finish. I don't have a polishing setup, but I could get one easy enough. Which plating kit would be best for my purposes? These are NOT large parts (4"x3"x1"), so I don't need anything huge. I'm pretty clear on the preparation/cleaning stages, but to get the smoked chrome finish, what are the best steps to follow?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!


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    Re: Plating Guitar Tremolo w/ Smoked Chrome (newbie)

    go to this link for the help you are looking for
    Jim Eaton