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    I have been working on plating Zinc Die Cast off and on for about a year and have been getting good results.This is what I have been doing. 1 Sand blast all the plating off I use Alu. Oxide I have tried chemical stripping and have no luck I use the all dry method. I have not had to drill ouy dark spots seems that the sand blast cleans it out. After sandblasting do no t touch parts with out gloves clean with Laquer thinner this will remove any grease and evaporates quickly rinse in DI water before plating. I use a Flash copper strike going into the tank hot very important . Plate for 15 min at ASF for this solution. Next I go to acid copper go in hot ASF for this solution 15 min. Next I go to nickel ASF for this solution 30 Min. Next back to aci copper ASF this solution 1 HR. Next I solder any pits/defect's with a no lead tin solder liquid flux I use soldering heavy duty soldering iron for this wet sand start with 220 next 400. The reason fot the nickel is a stop point when Iam sanding if you see nickel stop. Next Flash Copper 10 min go in Hot. Next acid copper 1 HR check for defects if more solder is needed repeat process. When you finaly plate out defect free in copper go to buff & color degrease go nickel buff &color chrome if you want it. This has been working for me I hope this helps out.

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    have you tried going from 1 hr flash copper to 20 strike in nickel then to acid copper i had a guy tell me that it will seal the flash copper better and stop any desolving of the part that might occur in acid copper {1.2 ph to 3.5 ph } we are working on the same stuff right now with mixed results. 605 929 1150 if you have any more ideas. wolud be a good time to inquire as for now im in louisanna working with a plater for the week to try and get the pot metal problem figured out.. thanks for the info . clydes


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      I love the nickel as a stop point indicator. I'll have to give that a try.