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Satin Chrome on Pot Metal

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  • Satin Chrome on Pot Metal

    I did a search of the site and there did not seem to be any information about satin chrome on pot metal. I am looking into restoring the Satin Chrome (anti-glare)finish on some 1969 Ford Convertible Pot Metal and steel parts. Can some one help explain the Satin Chrome process after the pot metal has been preped. I have some NOS examples for comparision and the finish has a very light soft gray color. I am concerned that it may be difficult to get the finish to match on the two different metal surfaces to that of the NOS standard. As I said I understand the pit prep work but what is next.


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    Re: Satin Chrome on Pot Metal

    To achieve a satin finish after polishing simply use a scrubber wheel available through Caswell
    on the surface of your part before your final plate. This is the process I use it works very well .
    Quick break down
    1 polish
    2 flash copper
    3 acid copper ( if using)
    4 nickel
    5 scrubber wheel (lightly)
    6 final plate
    remember to rince between steps and do water brake test
    Jim Eaton