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  • Need prep advice

    I have a set of tail light bezels that I plan on refinishing. I've had chrome stripped, but they still have most of the copper plate remaining on them.
    Do I need to remove this copper before I flash copper?
    I was thinking that I should be able to drill out the pits, sand out some rough spots and then plate over the existing copper with flash copper.
    I have a manual, but any advice or direction would be helpful.
    thanks, Dan
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    Re: Need prep advice

    You should be able to flash copper over the existing copper. I would blast or polish the copper some to activate it prior to flash copper. If you plan on soldering the pits, sand the acid copper off those areas and only put on about a 5min flash copper. If the copper is too thick, the heat differential will sometimes cause it to blister. Good luck, pot metal is a bear.


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      Re: Need prep advice

      You need to sand blast the pitted areas very good, and even drill the pits out. THen rinse off and dip the part in pickle #3 for 1 minute until it turns black, ONLY 1 MINUTE, then rinse and blast it again and then flash copper for about 15 min. then do your solder. Then sand down the solder and then flash copper, and then build up in the acid copper for about 2 hrs. I would flash copper for about 30 min to see if it will blister. Good luck and be patient.....


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        Re: Need prep advice

        Your part doesn't look so bad that you need to do solder repair. You might be able to polish it down to good metal and just do a standard copper,nickel and chrome. If you can't polish the pits out then put a heavy acid copper on them and buff them out that way before Be sure and read your manuals on how to apply these coats first.
        Of course pictures can be deceiving and I may not be able to see any severe pitting that may be on your part.
        By the way that looks like a '68 GTX


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          Re: Need prep advice

          thanks for the tip's guys.
          chromepl8tr I thought acid copper was a no-no with bare pot metal?
          This it the better of the two pieces, the other has a number of pit's that are deep. And yes these are off a 68 Roadrunner, good eye.


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            Re: Need prep advice

            You are right. apply the acid copper after the alkaline copper. Sorry about the confusion.