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  • Type of Metal???

    I am restoring a 1981 Yamaha 850 and wish to plate some of the parts. I plan to use Electroless Krome. My biggest concern is not knowing what type of metal the parts are made of and ruining a batch of electroless krome solution. The Aluminun parts can be zincated and then plated with electroless krome, correct? Is it safe to assume that if a part is not alluminum and does not react to acid, then that part can be safely put in the electroless krome solution? If a part reacts to acid is it safe to then flash copper? I have read much of the forum and everyone speaks of the reaction of acid to pot metal, zinc, etc. If using muriatic acid how quick will this reaction be? I plan to puchase the flash copper and electroless krome kits. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    One more question?

    Can any metal that reacts to acid be placed in the Pot Metal Electroless Nickel solution? Thank You


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      Yes, aluminum can be zincated then plated with Electroless Krome (or Flash Copper if desired)

      The reaction of zinc die cast/Pot Metal parts to muriatic acid is immediate. It's quite obvious when it occurs. Plating these parts with Flash Copper first will allow you to plate them in E-Krome.

      If it doesn't react to acid, and it's not aluminum, then you should feel fairly safe that you can plate it in the E-Krome, particularly if you're referring to metal parts on your bike.

      If you want to be safe, Flash Copper everything before plating with E-Krome. You'll also benefit by having a nice thick layer of copper, which can easily be polished to a high shine, underneath your Krome plate.
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