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New to Chrome - Repairing Pits

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  • New to Chrome - Repairing Pits

    I am refinishing the exterior door handles off of a 1959 Ford. The handles a small cluster of pits that are not very deep but they can be felt and have small black centers. Other than the small concentrated pits, the remainder of the chrome seems to be in great shape. I was able to wet sand the raised pit area down on one of the handles, so it is now smooth, but the black centers remain. I will we only be using this car as a daily driver, so I do not require show quality plating. I would rather not strip off the good chrome, but instead re-plate the pitted areas. I have never worked with chrome before, so I am looking for something easy and low cost. Can this be done? How should I prep the areas? What kit or method should I use to re-plate? Moreover, how should I finish and buff out the entire handle? Thanks

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    You have a piece of pitted pot metal. You will need to sand off all existing chrome, drill out the black pits, fill with Solder-It (, then plate with Flash Copper, then Nickel, then Chrome, with our Triple Chrome Plating Kit (
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    Caswell Inc
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