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Aluminum prep for chrome plate

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  • Aluminum prep for chrome plate

    I have machined aluminum plates, 1/4" thick (approx 5" x 8") and
    the machined surface seems to be equivalent to using 400 grit sandpaper,
    a brushed appearance.

    What preparation and products do I need to get these plates polished
    before sending it out to the platers for chrome plate?

    Is the brushed finished ok now or do I need to use higher grit sandpaper
    or can I now use a buffing wheel ? which color of polish do I need to start
    considering the grain and which buffing wheels are recommended.

    I need to order some stuff. How long does it take to ship to california?


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    All the platers I've ever used have included the polishing as part of their fee. I have alos gone the other route and done all the polishing prior to taking the parts in for plating. In my experience, the cost for the latter version isn't a whole lot less, but the turnaround is much quicker.

    When I do choose to polish myself, I usually just hit the parts with a sisal wheel and black compound until I can't see any more blemishes. I then clean thoroughly and head to the platers.

    Shipping to CA usually takes about a week via UPS ground. I have had orders show up in as little as 4 days, but that would be the exception.