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    i got a question about the greasless compound , im polishing some rims on a gravel truck without takeing them off (done this before) normally i take them off and turn them in my lathe to my desired finish and then polish them , i was thinking if i used the greasless compound on my yellow airway buff with a portable sander polisher vari speed that it might work better for taking out the nicks rather than just starting off with the brown like i always do then to green * its a truck* i just want to know if the cutting abilatys are improved to speed up my process ive got 10 24.5 rims and 5 tanks to do on 2 trucks lol dont mind the typos , Bryon

    anything on how greasless would cut aluminum on a airway buff would be apreciated ? i could stack a few sisals if it was faster ?

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    Greaseless cuts very quickly, but use a light touch or else you can high and low spots which look horrible once polished out, or atleast this is what i have found from experience. I recommend it over hand sanding, or any other method. I use spiral sewn's as they seem to hold it the best. Good luck.