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New here, my first post....Aluminum polishing questions

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  • New here, my first post....Aluminum polishing questions

    Hi...GREAT SITE!!!! I have some Centerline wheels that are highly polished (factory finish) and I would like to keep them this way. I tried some mothers and a terry cloth, but it still left a "haze" of tiny scratches in every direction the cloth went. When I bought the wheels, there were NO scratches, and I would like to get that no scratch highly polished luster out of them once again. the question

    What can I use (polish), and how can I apply it, to achieve the polished-no scratch-mirror like finish I once had before. Thanks

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    White or blue compound on a loose cotton wheel will probably yield desirable results.


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      I keep terry cloth as far from my polished aluminum wheels (Mickey Thompson and Weld Racing) as possible. I use Mothers and a piece of cheeseclotch to touch up my wheels after a wash. The cheesecloth doesn't scratch the aluminum and I wipe off the residue with a microfiber cloth.

      I then wax with pure Carnauba wax (I use McGuiars) and buff with another microfiber cloth. Works well for me.