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Polishing aluminum quickly?

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  • Polishing aluminum quickly?

    Ok I have a vibratory tumbler and have run these parts through Course, Medium, and Fine ceramic triangles. Then metal polish treated corncob, each having a run time of 6 hours and the result is absolutely not what I would call polished. Is there a trick to using the corncob or should I abandon that procedure? Is there any other method of mass producing a polished finish that can be anodized? manual plishing just takes far to much of my time to be practical. Any other media for the tumbler that would do a better job than corncob? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    What kind of metal are you polishing? Aluminum? Brass? Stainless steel? What grade of metal polish are you using on the corncob?
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      the metal is 6061 aluminum and the media I am using is the metal polish treated corn cob you get from Caswell.