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  • water spots

    hello all, i was out riding and was caught in the rain.when i returned home
    i cleaned the bike top to bottom,the bike sat fot a week or two and now all of my polished pieces have some pretty bad water spots:rims and chain guard.i attempted a quick fix with never dull,the pieces shine ok but still have nasty spots.i didn't clear coat/seal the aluminum,could this be the problem or maybe ACID RAIN?
    any suggestions would be great,thanks.

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    It could be acid rain, but probably just plain 'ol water spots/deposits. If they won't come off by wiping, you're going to have to use a more aggresive metal cleaner. You could also try alum. wheel cleaner, the kind that is safe for all wheels.
    Remember that aluminum oxidizes to protect itself. It needs to be coated with something unless you want to clean it all the time.


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      thanks for the tip,i'll try the wheel cleaner and let u know.