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    hello all,just trying to find out about quality flex shafts and proper first experience wasn't a good one.i was using a harbor freight flex shaft designed for use with a hand held drill.when it wasn't breaking at the drill chuck it seemed to work pretty good,only lasted me about an hour before i had gotten tired of repairing it.i don't know if it was poor technique or poor product,or both.i don't have 300-500 bucks to spare at this point in time and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. i'm looking for a flex shaft that will screw onto a 1/2 in. shaft and handle 3,000 rpm. buffer.and whats the best wat to keep them from breaking?

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    I've seen a flex shaft kit that Dremel sells that hooks up to the standard Dremel tool, but it's only gonna be good for really small areas and you're not gonna get much power out of it. BUT, you'll definitely get the RPM's you're looking for and then some. How large of a part/area were you trying to polish?
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      thanks for the tip,but so far most of the aluminum i polish is motorcycle rims,swing arms etc....and would most likely smoke a dremel.
      now i know in my previous statement i talked about a flex shaft that kept
      breaking on me,i found one on the same companies web sight for 29.99 and it is heavy duty,i am very impressed and take back what i said! it bolts onto a 1/2 buffer shaft and apeears to kick butt


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        Shine - Can you post the URL please?


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          dude i'm not real great with computers,so try
          go to search"flex shaft"and you'll be good to go! hope this helped.
          p.s. having nothing but great results with the heavy duty flex shaft.