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  • Bearing Mandrel Help

    I need some help finding a bearing mandrel to complete a buffer project. The shaft needs to be 1" and at least 24" long . This would also need to include two pillow bearings and both ends need to be threaded. Thanks in advance . I am also a new member to the forum. EM

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    Re: Bearing Mandrel Help

    Most large hardware stores sell them down here in Mexico, but up there in the US? I have never seen one that large for sale. You may have to make one. Two pillow blocks from a bearing supply, a piece of one inch cold rolled steel, and get a machine job shop to cut the threads. If you can find one. There are few job shops left in the US.

    I buy old cast iron stuff when I see it for almost nothing and rebuild it. Should be a lot of that stuff for sale up there in the rust belt.

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    You could call Victor Machinery in Brooklyn, NY, and see what they say. They sell a lot of machine tools and supplies. It's an old time kind of place. They may have one or know where they are.