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polishing 1" stainless strap

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  • polishing 1" stainless strap

    I'm new to this forum so hello to all, I have a job comming up that I'll have to polish 1" stainless strpping that will be made into fixtures for a retail store, the material is mil spec probably 400 series. I'm not sure as to all the finish requirements, some can alomost go as is with removal of lettering. I was going to satin finish all of it, so I'm looking for the best way to do this. I'm looking at several thousand feet, I have a 10 HP 3 phase buffer/sander does anyone know of a wheel that I can put on this and do the job rather quickly? As some background on me, i own a propeller and machine shop so I have lots of tools but my polishing on stainless is with propellers that I sand to 320 grit and then mirror polish and I'm not going to get that invloved with this stuff.
    Any suggestions are much welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: polishing 1" stainless strap

    I would start out by trying Scoth Brite. I get all kinds of wheels and disks made of it. It seems to come in three degrees of abrasive strength. If a test produces a finish you like you can put together several wheels on your big machine and get a lot done fast.

    Another possible way is to use fine sandpaper on padded cylindrical wheels. Not as fast, more work, and more expensive. As you must know by now, stainless eats sandpaper mercilessly.



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      Re: polishing 1" stainless strap

      Welcome Scott,
      where abouts in the world are you? Maybe there's someone in your neck of the woods that also post here and can help you.


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        Re: polishing 1" stainless strap

        Thanks Tony, I'm in southern Delaware just outside Ocean City MD.