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polishing aluminum camper trailer trim

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  • polishing aluminum camper trailer trim

    Hello, I am building a small camper trailer and bought a popup camper with all its items to include in my smaller trailer. I would like to polish all this aluminum trim so it look as least as good as when it was new, and perhaps better.
    Many years ago I built some custom knives for my friends and I. I found my old polishing jig with 1/4 electric motor, arbor, and three polishing wheels and a floppy. I have one green stick for loading the wheel with polishing compound. I tried this on one piece and was not pleased with the result. I have a few power grinders and would use them if there is some device (s) that would produce a very shiny, uniform surface on aluminum trim.`
    I would appreciate your help in this because if this trim could be made to appear special, this project would really look nice, I believe.

    Thanks for your help,

    Gene So

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    It's difficult to answer your question without seeing the condition of the pieces. Photographs are important.

    Polishing to a mirror finish will be more work than you want to do.

    Perhaps you can consider a brushed finish, which is in reality achieved by sanding in one direction carefully.