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Eight months without a post

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  • Eight months without a post

    I guess we can consider the metal polishing section of the forum dead. I wonder what happened. This used to be an active forum. I can't find any other polishing forum on the web that is worth anything. Maybe people have simply lost interest in polishing metal. It is a lot of work.


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    It is up to us to make this forum better! I am new to this whole Industry, I am restoring a 1966 Porsche . Looking forward to sharing a few items


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      I feel guilty tbh..
      live took over or should of say trying to survive...
      took me well ova 3 years intense theropy for my damage brain to finally look at picking up compounds and stuff again.
      lost all the memories but in time reading and researching again, I’ve got a lease of life!
      a 1961 Cadillac DeVille.
      what a beast!! Lol
      ok I’m partially disable now!! But fluff we it!! I’m not going to lye ova and die again!!
      If there a way to do something one handed I’ll find it!! And I’m doing it now!!
      Least I still got ‘muscle memory’ on the buffer...
      not as if I going to buff massive things lol
      if there’s a way!! And all that...
      dont belive it’s was 2006 when I first got interested lol
      upwards and onwards...