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    I am working on a speedometer bezel I have made. It's simply a 5" round x 1/8" Th piece of Aluminum. I have buffed it with the white rouge and am satisfied with the finish. I'd like to know what can be done, to keep it looking this way, in the form of waxes or sprays, if there are any?

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    I have always used a polish made by English Custom Polishing that I have found to be superior to anything else. It is called Museum Blend. It has a mild abrasive, (extremely mild), and a wax that keeps my aluminum sculptures bright for several years. I use it every two years or so. These people know their business.

    If you rub it hard with this polish on a microfiber cloth, it takes out those tiny, almost microscopic, scratches that plague aluminum polishers. But, always wash a new cloth well before using. I found out the hard way that a new fabric from a textile mill is never washed, and is often loaded with grit.