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Polishing stainless boat propeller

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  • Polishing stainless boat propeller

    I am going to high gloss polish my Volvo Penta duo props. Not because I am crazy but to minimize marine growth. The propellers have an original brushed (quite rough) finish. I have got my hands on some 3" SCM quick change discs stated by the manufacturer to be "very fine". Type 112588 in the link

    Q: Will using this very fine SCM disc be usefull as the last step before moving over to polishing with compound and wheel?
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    No answers yet so I will try reformulating.

    Q: What does "very fine" approximate convert to in grit size? Any thoughts or experiences?


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      I could only guess as to what "very fine" means to that particular manufacturer. When polishing stainless from the condition you describe, I would begin with 150 grit, then 220, then 400, then 600. After that a coarse compound made for stainless, and then a fine stainless compound.



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        Thx for your answere Rasper. I have understood the importance of moving gradually to finer grits and getting rid of all previous scratches before moving to the next level. I am simply wondering if the mentioned SCM discs stated to be "very fine" are fine enough before moving over to the wheel with a coarse compound.