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Valve cover buffing

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  • Valve cover buffing

    I'm quite new at this. I've been working on a couple of old Thunderbird valve covers. Lots of problems with haze in the finish. I finish sanded with 3000 grit and most of the scratches are gone. I've noticed that each end of the covers where the bend is to the front or rear is already a chrome like finish. I've gone over these many times and the high polish area slowly expands but at a rate that I'll never finish them. I'm using the Eastwood two speed buffing wheel and found better results on high speed. I'm obviously doing something wrong. I've been looking for complete video's on buffing but haven't found anything helpful. I need an old timer at my elbow for a bit telling me what I'm doing wrong. Hopefully someone on here can help. I've gone back to basics several times re-sanding starting with 320 grit and ending with 3000. I haven't been wet sanding so that might be part of it. HELP!

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    What is the base metal ? What compounds are you using after the 3000 grit ?
    Jason Vanderbroek
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      So were the covers bare metal when you started? If not it sounds like you might have cut through the plating.


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        Post some pictures if you can!