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Issue buffing brass: pitting/dragging material

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  • Issue buffing brass: pitting/dragging material

    We are having issues bringing brass extrusion to a full mirror polish. The main issue is that the material sort of pits and then smears a line in the brass. We are prepping brass in many different ways but still get the same results. On the most recent example we brought the material to 800g and then buffed on a looses cotton buff with tripoli compound. With enough force the compound cuts the 800g scratch but drags through the soft metal and does what I call a smear where a pit appears and then drags a mark that is aligned with the direction of the wheel. I am attaching a few pictures as an example even though it is difficult photograph. This happens on all the material we have, some of which is over a year old so definitely is not a material issue. this is a really frustrating experience and I would love to resolve! These marks are definitely not present in the base metal prior to buffing

    Im having trouble uploading images so please follow this link to see:

    5hp Baldor buffer
    12" looses cotton buff
    brown tripoli compound
    c385 brass

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    I would start with a Sisal Wheel with the Black Compound, Then clean the parts and move on to the Brown Tripoli with a spiral Sewn, then clean again and move on to the White Bar with a Loose Cotton wheel. This should fix your issue.
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116


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      Try a denim wheel with the black compound....i've used a sisal,to rough!
      Afterwards go directly to the white on a spiral wheel...I have red and brown bars but their to greasy in the hot weather. A green is what I use sometimes after white.

      Pitting is pitting....been polishing for 3 months daily and my wheels have never caused pitting! Contaminated wheels?