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Compounds for Sisal wheels

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  • Compounds for Sisal wheels

    I'd like to know what the best compounds are for Sisal wheels? I have a compound that is not taking hold on my Sisal wheel. I see on the Caswell product website they show a single page for what looks like a black and white compound for Sisal wheels but there is no way to select between the two. What is up with this link... What is it? Is it black or white, and what are the grits of each if there is a difference?

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    It looks like the super sisal is a grey bar...I haven't tried grey though I've seen other companies sell grey as another Emory without mentioning its grit!
    I would order the super sisal bar as it may be the grease or binder matter is of importance.

    Hopefully jason will let us know!

    The white bar is not considored to be sisal as reviews mention it brings stainless to a mirror shine.


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      Skipjack you are correct, the SS Compound bar is a gray color and has better binders for Sisal wheels
      Jason Vanderbroek
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