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2nd batch of polishing pics!

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  • 2nd batch of polishing pics!

    here is the second batch of photos. I'm still wainting on my green coloring bar to come. But this was done with the white rouge after the brown. The pics are ok, taken in the light. Still not quit what I want it to be, but I finally think it looks good. Still got to tackle the swingarm, so I have to take the exhaust off, as mine only disconnects from the head.

    I used greasless compounds to sand the back part of the frame. I started with 80 grit, then smoothed over with 240. That stuff works great.


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    Ahhh reminds me of my 96 gsxr 750 I owned, did the same thing to it. My 1000 I have now, hasn't gotten the same treatment. Funny how I do powdercoating and polishing and the only thing on my bike that I have done to it were the wheels. Good job!


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      Do u have the 2003 1000? If u do, I think I'd probably leave the frame black too. That's my dream bike, just can't swing the money right now.


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        Friggen awesome.....looks real good. I only wish i got it that good when i first started polishing. Keep up the good work.


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          Thanks Tom. I remember when I first posted, I thought I was doing really bad till u told me other wise. I really had wished I didn't even start this project till u guys started posting.

          But I can't wait till me green bar gets here. I'm still going through the trial and error process to figure out what works for me.

          But thanks for the compliments.



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            No, right now I have an 01, I was looking at getting a 04 model, but changed my mind. My 1000 only has 7500 miles on it now, and I hardly ride on the street, most of the miles are on race tracks. I will get an 05 when they come out, probably keep this one for the track. I am tossing the idea around of doing my frame black this winter. We will see, but again your job looks good.


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              Looks awesome. I had a ZX-10 many moons back which I had polished professionally. Looking at your work I wish I had done it myself.


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                I've got news for you...... those pictures are strong enough to keep me away from the powder coating threads for a few minutes and wondering if I can get just as good results my first time out. You definately have the "touch" my friend. Keep up the good work