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  • Cast Aluminum HELP !!

    Ok guys,

    Im new here !! im a polisher i run a small side buisness and do good work. but im searching for something to make my life easier!! I hand sand all my parts and its getting a little old and tiring!! im looking for a faster way to get the casting out of the aluminum?! and what suggestions does everyone have for those EXTREMELY tigh crevises in aluminum how do you get them polished and the casting out?

    Thanks for all your help,

    John H. Forman

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    My suggestion is greaseless compounds. They can be applied to a spiral sewn buffing wheel and used on a drill with a arbor. They cut casting extremely fast and a tube lasts forever. You will still need to do some hand sanding to really even out the surface, but it beats doing it from the beginning. Also, for tight crevices check out some felt bobs and maybe some loose/canton flannel buffing wheels and see what works best. Good luck!


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      Ok well i ordered a whole bunch of stuff from caswell. i got all the greaseless compounds. 180,240, and 400 now my question is how do i apply this stuff?! i have no experience with the greasless compounds and i was wondering if anyone can offer thier input on using this stuff. i bought felt bobs to get the tight places. im really interested in seeing what others do for polshing all replys are greatly appreciated !!


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        The greaseless compound should be stored in a air tight container with a wet rag to keep them from drying out. To use them simply rake out a spiral sewn wheel than run the compound on the wheel until it starts taking. If using a drill you will need to apply pressure and go part triggor on the drill to turn it slow. You'll see it eventually taking to the wheel. Once its dried and hardened go to work. Good luck.


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          the greasless compounds i got come in these air tight white bags is this still the same stuff? your saying use a spiral sewn wheel? is the sisal wheel too agressive?


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            I just got my 1st experience with greaseless compounds a few days ago. This stuff rocks.

            I've only used the stuff on a spiral wheel and it's plenty aggressive. I think using it with a sisal wheel might be too aggressive. As it is, I've got to go slow when using these compounds (I've only done aluminum. - steel might need a heavier hand) to make sure I don't cut too deeply.

            To apply the stuff, I rake my wheel until it's clean and then do the on/off thing to work the compound into the wheel. I found that letting the wheel spin at speed just flings the compound all over the place. Slower is better.

            Once the wheel is loaded, I let it "dry" for about 20 mins before I start using it. As I use it, I apply more compound in the same on/off manner as it "wears" off the wheel.

            Again, I have very little experience with this stuff, but the above method is working for me.


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              got any pics of your work?[/img][img](alt+p)


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                *MY* work? I've got a few interspersed with my 4 wheeler rebuild pics here:

                I've got more I haven't sucked outta the dig-cam yet but as I get to 'em, they'll be posted. Workin' on touching up the reassembled engine and will get pics of that up probably Sunday afternoon.