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Polishing or Chroming Aluminum?

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  • Polishing or Chroming Aluminum?

    I just bought a new motorcycle and am wanting to add a unique shine to the frame and the rest of the metallic parts. Should I polish it or chrome it? I know a lot is invovled in preping the aluminum parts for chrome, but a chrome finish is much more desirable than a polished finished. I hear that polishing a bike takes a lot of time and energy and patience. I really want to make by bike shine with chrome and if it turns out to be a not to difficult process then possibly making a little money on the side. With concern for time, effort, appearance and not necessarily with money should I go with chrome or polish and what products processes are recommended?

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    Re: Polishing or Chroming Aluminum?

    all you gurus out there can correct me if i'm wrong but, chroming the frame and swing arm is craziness. You would need to polish first anyway. The small parts should be easy. I'm sure CASWELL would answer your plating questions more quickly in the metal plating forum, or you may find the answer you are looking for there. As far as polishing goes, it is a fine art. It doesnt take forever but you really need to take your time. The more you rush the worse it turns out. Check out the replies on some of the other topics. It will outline the steps to polishing clearly. These guys are really helpful. My TL1000R is near finished and a GSXR750 racebike is already out the door. I could not have done it with out this forum.


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      Re: Polishing or Chroming Aluminum?

      Excellent answers in the last reply. Chroming an entire frame is a job left to plating shops. If you're not afraid to spend money, check the yellow pages and find a plating shop near you and send them your frame for chroming. They'll usually handle the polishing as well for an additional charge.
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