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Need some HELP on Titanium G-club finish

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  • Need some HELP on Titanium G-club finish

    I recently received a Titanium golf club from a friend but the paint was in really bad condition. I stripped the paint off and instead of painting it again i would like to polish it to a "mirror" like finish. Where should i start and how can i achieve the desired affect?


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    Heya there

    I have polished some titanium for my customers before, to make it as easy as possible, id look at the mother website and read up on how they polish stainless :P
    I used a few different products to get the required result, BUT then im in Australia and our locally available products would differ a fair bit

    Sorry i dont have any pics of the titanium parts i have done, but they are mainly drag car components like bellhousings, front shock struts, diff housing etc etc

    Polished titanium looks awsome, i have some wierd fetish with titanium, i have it everywhere, looks great and is a very versatile material!!