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  • Cleanup "discovery"??

    After yet another afternoon of coating myself and everything within 10 feet of me with black dust, I found myself in the laundry room, trying to get the "funk" off my hands as I'd run out of latex gloves and had to polish "in the buff" so to speak.

    I discovered someone had pilfered the last of my hand cleaner and left me with an empty jug so I began to rifle the cabinets looking for soap. I ran across a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap, and thought I'd give it a try. I figured it works good on the wood floors with all the **** I track all over them, why not my hands.

    Wouldn't you know it, that stuff takes polishing funk right off of skin with little scrubbing. I hadn't cleaned the parts I'd just finished polishing yet and decided to see how Murphy's would clean aluminum. Damned if it didn't clean all the compound remnants off the aluminum as well as it took it off my hands.

    For giggles, I did a water break test on the piece I washed. Not a bead of water to be seen - it all just sheeted right off.

    Anyone ever used Murphy's Oil Soap to clean parts after polishing? Any reason not to

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    I've never heard of that cleanser before. Where did you buy it?

    I use carburator cleaner to clean aluminum parts. I dont have any problems with using it as long as I spray on and wash it off before it dries. Even if it does dry you can spray some more and it will take care of that once you clean it off.


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      Dunno exactly where it came from. I don't do housework. My job is to make money and fix things. heehhe

      As far as I know, Murphy's Oil Soap is a national brand. I've known of it for years but we seem to never had a need for it until we moved into this place with its maple floors. I'm guessing you'd probably be able to find it at a local supermarket or maybe a home improvement store. (Home Depot, Lowes)

      I did a quick google search for it and got a ton of hits. You can check it out here if you're interested:

      I knew it was a good furniture cleaner and does a nice job on hardwood floors, but never had any idea it'd work so well removing the grease leftover from polishing.


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        you should be able to get it at any store .. kmart wal-mart target . in the cleaning section of any food store .... i always used it on wood in autos i am going to try it on the parts