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Tumbling parts before buffing.

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  • Tumbling parts before buffing.

    I normally dont get to anodizing parts strait off of a machine, most of the request I get are already anodized parts. My question is, can I use a tumbler to smooth out a part that had previously had a media blasted finish?

    The desired final finish would be a high polish but there has just got to be a better way of polishing parts that are media blasted other than wet sanding and/or buffing through it all. I'm not looking for the parts to come out of the tumbler with a high polished finish, just something close that I can then use buffing wheels on.

    If possible what media would be recommended? Like I said it just needs to me able to smooth out a media blasted finish to something that I can take to a buffing wheel while not being abrasive enough to remove major milling lines.

    Any help would be great,

    Thanks, Ryan

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    Re: Tumbling parts before buffing.

    Looks like none of the tumbling guys are coming here right now. I know nothing about it.

    It sounds like a good idea. Watching a tumbler do the work would sure be a lot more pleasant than sanding.