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Question about "cutting" and "color" technique

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  • Question about "cutting" and "color" technique

    just wondering....should i buff in the same 'direction'? Or like a "crosshatch" type pattern? Thank you!

    i read it is good to sand in the same direction. so.......

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    Re: Question about "cutting" and "color" technique

    Mostly I just do what is the simplest to do. Crossing is better with sanding and probably with buffing as well as you can see the previous scratches better, but rarely will the shape of my pieces allow it.



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      Re: Question about "cutting" and "color" technique

      oh i guess it's not necessarily a "no-no". great, thanks richard. i have to reorder the 3m rubbing compound and finesse it. dang post office LOST the package! -lol

      i tried turtle wax polish compound and some swirl remover today. ouch....! must be too aggressive. even with very light pressure i couldnt get ride of its scratches.

      but i'm definately making progress with the wheels and compounds though. i'm gradually learning when and what stage i'm apply too much or too little pressure.

      Very challenging...very! I have a LOT of respect for the professionals out there. big time.