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Polish or chrome grill...a little long

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  • Polish or chrome grill...a little long

    Hey guys, it is my first post here but I've been checking Caswell website for quite some time, so basically I'm a car maniac, I own a 2001 Nissan Maxima with many modifications, I'm in the building process of my personal shop located in my house basement, basically I want to be able to chrome and polish everything I can on my max, mostly bolt and nuts and small part as well as bigger part like turbo housing etc. but I'm not yet ready to purchase the triple chrome kit but I should be able within 2-3 months in the meantime, I've ordered some more part, I have 2 aluminium grill that I'd like to give a chrome finish, should I wait and chrome process it later when I have the kit or do I just order an alu buffing kit and or pick up 1 or 2 hp motors locally and make myself the perfect home polishing kit. What would be your suggestion, I can afford now to buy the polishing stuff if I got help to figure what I exactly need.

    Thank you for your help and maybe I will finally place my first order.

    Andr? or doublea for friends