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are "vented" buffs better ?

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  • are "vented" buffs better ?

    been plowing through you-tube video's on buffing/polishing aluminum. a lot of them are the truck polishing guys. most of them use the vented/colored wheels i noticed.

    wonder if they are 'better' than cotton sewn? from what i gather, they are good at keeping the work cooler. are there other advantages? Thank you-

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    Re: are "vented" buffs better ?

    i like working with vented wheels , the colored wheels are called treated wheels , from my supplier the yellow treated wheels were stiffer then raw material so i had to break them in but once that done
    they would last longer than regular vented wheels .
    i find that vented wheels holds the compound better and the untreated ones are more flexible to get those hard to reach places.
    all the vented wheels i have seen need special backing plates to mount them correctly.

    Wheels are like compounds there are tons of different ones out there you just have to try them until you find the ones that work best for you.