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  • polishing fuel tanks

    Hey Guys, not really a novice but can't say old pro as i am always learning. I am buffing my fuel tanks on my semi. My semi is a short wheelbase and their are areas I need to get to polish but tight quarters. For example I want to do the top of my tanks but the truck sleeper is there so I need a smaller wheel to buff the top of the tank without removing the tanks off the truck. They are aluminum 150 gallon each, I use a yellow wheel with rouge to cut, white with white wheel 2nd stage then final with rub on polish. What i am looking for is lets say 4" wheel what style would I need to cut, 2nd stage, final polish, also the buffer is too large for areas so would a high rpm drill work, die grinder, i have access to electric and air, thank you.

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    Re: polishing fuel tanks

    What about a flexible shaft tool? The problem is that the good ones are expensive (two or three hundred dollars) and the cheap ones (40 dollars) are kind of Hell to work with.

    You probably want a 4 inch wheel to turn at least 3450 RPM. But certainly not 7000 or more. There are probably electric die grinders that turn slow enough.

    Air tools don't have enough torque for anything but small wheels. I use a 2 inch wheel on a straight die grinder sometimes. I keep the speed down. For small inaccessible areas it works for me. The great thing about air tools is that they are cheap. You can buy a pretty good straight die grinder for 25 dollars or less; whereas an electric one costs many times that.

    Electric drills are not made to handle sideways pressure; the bearings take a beating when polishing with a wheel. If you have a home handyman quality drill then why not? They are junk anyway. But only the good ones turn fast enough to be ideal. But you can get away with it at a slower speed. Just takes longer.