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Straight shank hand held buffer

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  • Straight shank hand held buffer

    Does anyone know who sells these?I'm not talkling about a die grinder but a large straight shank 2 handed buffer.

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    Not specifically a buffer, but I use a Makita 1/2" drill to polish all kinds of stuff.. When I do wheels, I screw on the extra side handle so I can really get some grunt behind it...


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      I know exactly what you are talking about, I have one, but here is the hitch. My grandfather, who has been dead since 1986, is the original owner of this "beast" , now I am. I will take a look at it today when I get home and see if I can see who even makes it, it may lead you to who sells them now. I can say one thing, put a 4" buff on this thing and go to town!!! It works great for when you would rather take the tool to the part, rather than the part to the tool.


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        I have a pic of it now, if you send me an email, I will send you the pic. I can not host it, and I don't think it will fit in on the album pics. Wrong kinda pic for that thing. Unfortunately, the tag that is riveted to the tool is missing, but maybe you can show it around to some places and see what you come up with. Maybe email tool manufactures, industrial grade tools. I would not be surprised if Ingersoll-Rand did not make this tool.


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          i got some thing like that but you thread in 2 3/4" pipes handles ... to hold it ... i use it to port and polish heads and intaked , hone motors it is from sears ...